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7 Self-love Tips You Must Learn Now

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Do you know that self-love is one of the most important things to a person? No matter you know it or not, scroll down and read it.

Look at the mirror and ask yourself what are the things you have been ignoring about yourself.

Well, I know the EXACT answers.

Have you spent time looking into the mirror and seeing yourself? Have you been listening to your body needs? Have you paid attention to your emotions and feelings? Who are the people that you've been ignoring? Why are you running away from the problems? What are the solutions to your problems?


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  1. Write diary every day. You can start doing it every day. As you have lesser needs to write about your thoughts and feelings, reduce it to every other day. It helps you understand what and how you feel and think.

  2. Accept your thoughts and feelings. Be real to yourself, who are you acting to when you're alone? You need the best audience to hear your stories and that's you. Wake up!

  3. Tell your stories. Pick someone who you really trust and tell the person your stories. At the end of the day, your stories need to be released. It helps you feel really good and worthy. It reduces the burdens on your shoulders. Pick up your phone and call or text someone now.

  4. Meditation. It doesn't have to be long, start as short as 1 minute. When you're feeling more comfortable, extend the length of time to 3 or 5 minutes. And slowly build up as long as you mark a spot on your schedule for it. The best thing you can do is meditating every day without failure. You will be able to tell a difference in life after a week or two.

  5. Focus on yourself. Just because someone has a voice to speak his or her thought doesn't mean you have to be affected. Stay focus and put yourself before anyone else. How can you love somebody when you're not loving yourself?

  6. Pick up a hobby. When you're doing something you like, you definitely feel better. Ask yourself when was the last time you wrote a poem? How long has it been since you last sang your favorite songs? Think about what you like to do and just do it. Make yourself feel satisfied and see the glow on you!

  7. Get into actions and start doing it. What're you waiting for?

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Another Silly Boy in Another Indifferent Day

Silly me not knowing what to do

I swear I hear the voices every day

sometimes even every night

the voice isn't consistent

it's higher and chilling at times

occasionally it's moderate and warm just like the sun.

Perhaps I'm day dreaming

and not knowing what's the date and who's birthday it is

all I know is somebody from the street is having a birthday party

it must be amazing or awesome or entertaining

but I'm one of the few who's not invited

to the party.

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