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Candles Are Your New Best Friends

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Yes, candles really make you feel better and lift your moods. Doesn't it feel right to breathe in the beautiful scent of the candles and grab a book to read beside it? It brings you to the depth of the stories and merge with the characters in the stories; as if you're living, feeling great and occasionally sad like the characters. Or maybe you're back from work or school and you just WANT to feel good, so you get a lighter and burn a candle (or candles) safely. The scent just works perfectly well to take off your stress and help you forget about your workloads.

Many people know 1 or 2 benefits of candles but it's always better to know more about it.

5 good reasons to own candles

  1. It uplifts your moods. The first thing you want to do when you get back home after 12 hours of work is to feel-at-ease. Burning a candle does the magic. Not only it makes you feel better, it also helps you sleep better after your bath and non-failure skincare routine. Always have a few candles at home so you can pick the scent based on your moods.

  2. It calms your mind. People always say that "stop thinking for a while and enjoy the moment" (an awesome quote). To make it better, burn a candle and just keep it close to you. Take in the aromatic scent of it and feel the changes almost instantly. Now apply the amazing quote. Deep breathe makes the process even more enjoyable. You should add it into your meditation and yoga session.

  3. It stimulates memory. Did you know that scents affect our ability to learn and remember things? That's why people are reading books close to candles. When you need enhanced abilities to remember things, burn a candle and keep it close to you.

  4. Pack new candles as gifts. Oh no! Your bff is having her birthday party 15 minutes later, make up-checked, dress-checked, gift-not prepared. Grab 1 or 2 new candles from your drawer and wrap it up really quickly (and beautifully). Not only your bff will appreciate it but it is a realistic gift to show your love and cover up your carelessness. (Shh... don't tell your bff about it.)

  5. Decor, decor and more decor. Why it's cool to use it as decor? Because it really makes you and your guests relaxed by just looking at it. Remember the feelings when you passed by some really amazing and beautiful candles in a department store last weekend? Bring those feelings into your home and "wow" your guests. Sometimes, you don't really have to burn it to feel the magical power of it.

It's time for a candles shopping trip.

Online shopping is advised for Covid-safety. What's your thoughts about candles? Tell me your story about candles.

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