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Finding Your Way Home

As you read the title, you might be able to tell what this post is about. How many of us have been missing home? How many people do not feel belonged to anywhere? Does it ever bother you or is it something that you think of every single day?

Over the years, I've seen so many people who are busy getting many things in their life. But nearly half of it isn't truly necessary to them. Wise men would tell you that you can't find security and a sense of belonging in others. It's always within you. But to open the "door" and see the truth; it could mean a lot to you. Some might say that family is where you feel belonged to, and safe. But are they sure of you feeling safe when you're with your family? We never have the chance to choose who our family members are, but we always have the power to decide what's for the future.

And what about those who never have a family to begin with? Don't you think that so many people have forgotten this fact and just assume that "oh you're spending your Christmas with your family?". It may not sound dramatic to others, but it could mean a lot to you. Perhaps, there's a part of you which always feels insecure, unsure, fearful of something that's called family or love. Or maybe you just don't wanna think about this topic and you've been spending years running away from it.

This season, many people feel like "things are not gonna be the same anymore". What's done is done, let the past be the past; but never be troubled by the past or dwell in the past. You deserve better. You truly deserve the time to realize that it's totally fine to feel like something's missing in your life. But it's up to you whether if you wanna make changes in your life or not. Basically, this is how life works. Most of us don't really get the second chance for anything, from love to family.

What's your wish for 2021? Are you celebrating this wonderful, cheerful season with someone special? It's alright if you don't wanna spend time with your family. Just do whatever that makes you feel comfortable. Life shouldn't be a cage and you deserve better. Everyone has the power to choose own family members. If you feel like you have the courage to face your fears, just do it this season. It's the end of 2021 and before you welcome a brand new year and season, leave no regrets; make December inspiring and meaningful.

When you have the time, get your diary and write your wishes. Remember to look back to what you have written after a couple of months to see if you have made your Christmas dreams come true or not. You might find yourself being thankful in 2022.

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