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What's on the Menu of November 2021?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Before I start sharing more about my life and my thoughts and feelings with you, let me share some photos with you. I wanna invite you who read my blog into my inspirations, aspirations, ideas and imagination.

If you have checked out my blog posts or website before, you would have realised that I haven't been active or trying to update anything here for quite some time. And now I feel like I'm back, I'm ready to learn more about everything that's new and old to me.

2 weeks ago, I got "attacked" on some app and I was forced to stop selling things on that app. I saw it as an attack since they did not give me any valid reason to tell me why they decided to put me into so many problems. And after that, I was forced to bring everything to social media and try to think what worked best for my current situation. I felt like I was way too busy and anxious back then. It was not because I was unhappy about my career or I was doing something that I did not like or enjoy at all. It was because I had to talk to some people who were rather crazy or insane to me and it caused confusions and interruptions to my energy and it was definitely very unhealthy.

For the past several months, I forgot what I wanted to do other than becoming a professional psychic reader and do tarot reading and spells for clients too. There were moments when I was lost and it was absolutely too much for me to handle even though my income source was definitely better than normal. As I'm diving into social media these days, I'm still learning to use whatever I could to post and boost the performances of every single thing that I write, share or do. It's refreshing as I'm actually learning so many new things every single day. I feel refreshed and even though my income source is affected by I can feel that it's just for a short period of time and for now, I'm learning to take things slowly and understand more about myself.

As an INFJ-A, I feel like trying to expose more about my personal life is quite a lot to me but it's definitely a good challenge to me. Trust me, even though sometimes people feel like I'm willing to share so much about myself and my life; I'm still a very private person and it's just my nature. There's nothing right or wrong about you. And you should apply it if you feel like you are just like me too!

To be honest, I have no idea what's my next real big plan but I feel like I wanna find something new which is related to my passion and likes, and just do it. To me, a career isn't purely about money and success. Success comes from the wonderful things that I do and offer to myself and others. Money increases when I have done my job well. This theory always works well for me and I'm still applying it. I wanna spend more time writing and reading to understand what's within me and what's new and unknown to me. I still have faith in my future and it's fascinating to know something new about myself that I never know. This is how I care and love myself.

I feel like 2021 and 2022 are very good years for us to explore more about spirituality, wisdom, the universe and more. Everything seems to connect so well when we are willing to think outside of the box and see and feel things differently. When we decide to refresh what we think, see and feel, this world feels different and it's not always something bad. It can be something that's better than good. At the end of the day, we define our approach to this world, others, the universe and ourselves. Everybody has the power but not everyone knows how to use the gifts very well. When you know what to do, don't forget to share it with others just like what I'm doing for now. Less is more. Blessed be.

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