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About Blair River

Blair is a fairy witch, high priestess and psychic medium. (10 years+ experiences)

He/They are whimsical, dreamy and intuitive. He loves giving good advice to people and seeing what people are missing.

He created this safe website for people to feel love, support and be understood. He wanted his clients to be able to share their life stories and relieve their pains and worries.

He has been using oracle and tarot decks and other tools like crystals to perform high-quality psychic readings for his clients.

He uses his magical power to heal, transform and enchant his clients who ask for powerful spells.

Some fun facts about Blair:


(1) He was a professional make up artist who worked at some big beauty companies.

(2) He has a female soul but he loves his physical body as a man.

(3) He has been working as a passionate psychic medium for more than 5 years and it's what he does every day.

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