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6 Easy Tips to Feel Better About Yourself

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

How many times do you feel like what's showing below?

This morning? Last conversation with your mum? Responding to your best friend who's concerned about your happiness?

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You probably feel like it's better to have others think that you're doing well. But the truth is you deserve some attention, caring and love too. It can be uneasy for you to say or show your negative thoughts and feelings sometimes.

6 easy tips to feel better

  1. Read a book. You've heard people said that reading is fundamental and it makes you feel good. Why? Because you're improving your skills and developing yourself as you read something new or even something old. You're feeling and seeing the changes in your life and how it impacts on your moods.

  2. Walk in a garden. Do you remember the last time you spent some time walking in a garden? Do you remember the natural sweet scents of the flowers and plants? No matter it's a yes or no, take a moment and walk in a garden. If you prefer to walk in a park or even woods, just do it. Make sure you're keeping yourself safe when you're in a quiet place.

  3. Get some "me" time. Make an appointment with yourself and spend even just 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to be alone. No matter you're an extrovert or introvert or ambivert, you need it. It refreshes your mind and help you see how live is treating you. You get in depth with your feelings and emotions and understand better about yourself.

  4. Meet some old friends. Grab your phone and scroll down the contact list. Check out who's the one you're missing. Meeting some old friends would help you realize how beautiful life is. Some deep conversations with people that you've known for years would be great.

  5. Listen to crystal meditation music. Such music soothes your heart and brings peace into your mind. Don't believe it? Check out the song list that's ready for you on the blog.

  6. Make some plans. Start thinking and write what you wanna do. If you wanna learn about copywriting, do it. If you're keen to learn to bake, make some time for it and get ready to dive into it. Don't let anything stop you from completing your plans.

Remember that you're responsible to yourself and no one loves you more than you do.

Get into actions now!


Title: Life is Short When it's a Choice

Life is long

life is short

life is happiness

life is sadness

it is what you think

it is how you feel

it is where you want it to be

it is when you wish it to happen.

Take it easy

take it hard

please decide the pace

because it is life

it is who you are

and what you are.

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