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Grow Your Life Like Red Apples

Why live in your hell, when you can live in a great heaven?

Everyone's busy with work, getting more things and money. Wise men wanna make sure they're always happy and never let anyone or anything affect them badly.

Life is full of surprises and shocking events, but we can decide if the life events are transforming us into better people or worse. There's no wrong or right about anything, but we can always make decisions, even if we don't know what's gonna happen next...

When you're surrounded by people who tell you what to do, how to feel and where to go, it can be confusing.

So, let's stop the confusion. There are 5 ways to save yourself from it:

  1. Always put yourself first (you are your king/queen). No matter what they say or do, you're never under them and you are the boss of your life. You make the call. You don't have to think of anyone before you. As you put yourself first, people feel it and they'll show more respect and love.

  2. Get more me time and enjoy it. Give yourself a break, stay out of trouble and people who send you weird feelings and thoughts. Go somewhere far away and enjoy peace, serenity and calmness. Taste what life brings and when you're alone, you're recharging.

  3. Focus on yourself while meditating. You can pick someone or something to focus on, and you should focus on yourself while meditating to heal yourself. It helps you know yourself better in all ways. And you'll find it's easier to clear your mind and let go of your worries. Your confidence and self-assurance are strengthened thanks to the heightened energy (speaking of a happy life).

  4. Start a new life project. If you're overwhelmed by many things, it's time for you to find something new to focus on. It can be a passion, new career or business, etc. Once you start it, don't stop even if it's hard, because you're getting better every day. Feeling uncertain? Compare the yesterday yourself and today...

  5. Meet new and interesting souls. Are you always with the ones you've known for years? Refresh your circles and get out of your comfort zone to meet some new people who are interesting, fun and inspiring. Being with high-quality people makes you wanna do better. As you learn from them, they learn from you too. You'll find life even more interesting, when you don't say no to newness.

Done reading?

It's time for you to get into action and bring new energy to your life. Life should be fun, not mundane.

What's more to add to the list?

Tell me.

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