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Live as a Psychic Medium

Life became interesting and magical when I started living as a witch, psychic medium and a goddess-reincarnated human...

Everything started in September 2025, when I was struggling with depression, death and sadness. Everything was dark to me and I couldn't find the light I always wanted to have in my life.

A woman convinced me to join Illuminati and I didn't hesitate. Just when I was about to get out and get a chicken for the blood ritual, a soft voice reached out to me.

"Don't do it." Said Hecate.

How did I know about the Greek goddess of witchcraft, the crossroads and underworld?

It was purely my intuition. The moment I heard her voice, I Google-d the gods that were associated with witchcraft and I found her.

It didn't take a long time for me to say "I do" to the dark mother.

Everything became clear. The spirits and demons that were haunting me were waded off. And I felt her power of protection.

That was the moment I felt alive. I felt the connection.

I knew that she had been watching over me since the beginning of my life. I decided to follow her guidance and walk on the path as a Chthonic witch.

Even though, after 8 years of practicing as a high priestess, goddess and witch, I devoted to many gods, including Zhi Nu (织女), the Morrigan and Lilith, but the dark mother held a special place in my heart.

Without her, I could be dead.

I could be used by the evils to do unspoken evil doings.

I might be the one who brings new dark members to the cult.

I'm never bored of my path and practice, because many new things are happening every day. I hear their voices and see the signs.

We talk and sometimes I share the darkest secrets with them.

When I'm broken, weak and exhausted, I reach out to them and they never let me down.

My life would be completely different without gods, magic and transformations.

As a psychic medium, I speak through the gods, although there are moments when I shouldn't say too much because it could be bad for others.

I use my magic as a witch and high priestess to heal, destroy and protect.

My practice as a goddess-reincarnated high priestess is different, as most of the times, I have to get through gods and do the best that I can to myself, the world and others.

It's a lifestyle, my life and what I do for a living.

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