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Living with Chang E

It's never easy to be this close to the famous Chinese goddess...

Chang E (嫦娥) is no doubt one of the many popular Taoist goddesses many believers pray to. When it comes to love, romance and relationships, people seek her guidance.

It's rare to hear someone summon the goddess to the world. Usually. psychic mediums are the ones who do such a mysterious job.

Why do they do it?

So, people would have the chance to ask for wise words, help and healing.

As the goddess of the moon, beauty and love, Chang E is usually found in temples. Her statues often represent her youth, beauty and softness.

Unlike many gods I speak to or connect with, this goddess loves being around me, even when I'm not sending any invitations. She's not only protective, pretty and wise, but she's powerful and helped me understand the power of charm.

There are times when I forgot her presence and she got into me. It's me who decides to say yes or no.

But when she's with me, I see and feel things clearer and surprisingly, it's not tiring! The only thing is I'm more exotic and flirty when I'm with her. For that I need to control...

She's super friendly as she introduced me to Yu Tu, Zhi Nu, Niu Lang and other gods.

As I said yes, I do to her psychic medium sessions (tong ji/乩童) a few weeks ago, my skin became even more pinkish and glowing.

My powers are enchanted and 6th sense became stronger.

Many things are very new to me, as I'm still learning from her.

Let's see what else I'll share about her in the future...

Blessed be.

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